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Dreamy Backyard

Choose from coloured pavers or slides in various forms, among other options, to make your backyard more enjoyable for your children.

DIY Indoor Kid Fort

Learn how to make an indoor fort for your kids with readily available blankets, books and chairs for them to enjoy without leaving the house

Colorful Kid-Friendly DIY Garden Projects

Want to make your garden more pleasurable for your children to learn and play in? We will
offer some of the best DIY garden projects that will benefit your children.

Rain Barrel

Invest your children's time in a far more sustainable craft in which they may express their creativity by painting the barrels in different colours to store rainwater.

Recycled Rainboot Planters

Put your old and worn out rainboots into use by allowing your kids to spray paint the boots in different colors and plant flowers in them to give them a trendy yet rustic look.

DIY Rainbow Paver Hopscotch

We help design a long-lasting hopscotch pattern for the youngsters by providing 11 tiles that can be easily modified and painted in the colours of your choice to make it more fun.

Kids’ Decor Ideas You Can Totally DIY

DIY Book Bin

Make a reading nook for your children out of inexpensive MDF and personalise it with your child's favourite paint before filling the interior.

DIY Plush Animal Mat

Save your child's knees while playing by making this soft plush animal mat that not only feels nice to play on but also has a fun animal shape.

DIY Cloud Wall Decor

All you need is cardboard, lights, craft paper, and some cotton to make patterns on the wall before turning on the light to make it glow.

Creative DIY Projects For Kids Rooms

Unleash your creativity and share your needs and ideas with us, and we will support you in making your dreams a reality for your child's room in the most imaginative way possible.

Latest News & Articles

DIY Decor

Inexpensive DIY Decor Ideas for Your Room

Do you wish to decorate your home in a unique way but are limited by your budget? If so, the DIY decor may be a good option for you to try. You only need a few simple household things for DIY decor. Also, if you don’t have any of the products, you can get them at the store for a very low price. DIY décor ideas, in any case, will be inexpensive but provide the aesthetic value you seek. Here are some DIY room décor ideas to make your space look and feel new. Paint your bedroom

Paint your bedroom

One of the most cost-effective ways to improve the appearance of a room is to paint the walls. To update the look of your space, simply paint the walls a new colour or give them a fresh coat of paint. However, if you want your space to have more vibrancy and depth, you can use more than one colour and create abstract patterns. The paint may be a little pricey, but it will undoubtedly be used for a long time!

A handmade duvet cover

If you think your bed looks too monotonous with the standard colour duvet cover, why not paint it and personalise it? Simply look for a playful design, such as confetti or colourful polka dots; the rest is up to your imagination. Paint the duvet cover in your favourite colour and watch how quickly it transforms the look of your room.

Decorate the wall with frames

Do you have an empty wall that you’d want to fill with some inexpensive wall decor? You can, however, do so at a little cost. Simply print a photo of your family and design your own frames. You can make it out of popsicle sticks or cardboard sheets. The frames can then be decorated and hung as desired. On the other hand, if you enjoy painting, you can get a canvas, show your creativity, and hang it. If you want to add something unusual, you might explore online for creative DIY wall hanging ideas.

DIY lighting

String lights are trendy these days. However, if you want designer string lights, you might have to pay more. This is where you may put your time and skills to produce one-of-a-kind DIY lighting. Simply use the string lights you already have or purchase some basic ones. You can then build a base out of a balloon or paper, cover it with jute ropes or other coloured yarns, and carefully place the lights. You will now have your very own inexpensive designer string light. DIY lighting

Gemstone mirror

Mirror selfies are appealing to many people, whether they are teenagers or adults. As a result, you cannot simply use any mirror to take your picture. Thus, you can use some gemstones and stick them to the edges of your basic mirror. You can hang this mirror in your bedroom or living room to instantly improve the aesthetic of the space at a low cost.
Child's Room

5 Decoration Tips to Charm Your Child’s Room

When creating a child’s room, make sure it is vibrant enough for them to stay in it and has an environment that promotes them to learn continuously. Especially when designing a room for kids below ten years of age, you need to pay extra attention to including decor items that will help them learn as they are in their developing stage. These things, however, might be quite pricey. Here are some decorating ideas for your child’s room that will certainly improve both the appearance and utility of their space.

Install a chalkboard

If you think that chalkboards are only accessible in schools, you are mistaken. You may purchase chalkboards from any local store near your home or online for a reasonable price. Install it in your child’s room along with some colourful chalks for them to write or draw on the board. This will not only be beneficial to their development but will also help to keep your home tidy by preventing them from displaying their creativity across the house.

Keep boxes with titles

Children, especially those under the age of five, may be very messy. However, if you teach them to stay organised, they will quickly catch up with you. As a result, keep boxes of various colours in their room. You can also paint the boxes or write numbers to show kids which items go in which box. Also, make sure that these boxes are kept at a height they can easily access. This will help kids stay organised from a young age and keep their room looking nice and orderly.

galaxy paint

Draw elements of the galaxy with phosphorescent paint

Acrylic phosphorescent paint is basically a paint that glows in the night, and if you want your kid’s room to look fun and exciting, this may be the best way to do so. You can paint the moon, stars and planets on your kid’s room’s walls that will glow in the dark. Doing this will always keep your kids excited about turning the lights off at night and prevent them from getting scared of the dark.

Include multiple lights

Nowadays, lights come in several shapes and sizes, and whether it is any part of your home, including lights, will quickly brighten up the space of the room. Similarly, you can include some unique lighting in your kid’s room, ranging from a simple study lamp to string lights. This will give them enough light in their room that will be good for their eyes while studying and make sure that the dark doesn’t bother them.

Hang paintings made by them

If you want to make the walls of your kid’s room full and vibrant, make sure you use drawings made by them. Encourage children to include their names beneath the artwork so that others know who created it. As they are complimented and encouraged, they will gain confidence and have a sense of success that will help them develop in a better way.

House Hunting

17 Things You Should Know Before You Go House-Hunting

House hunting is a daunting process, more like trying to find a toilet paper amid a pandemic. Majority of the house hunters consider it an exhausting process and over time, give up the dream residence they’re looking for and settle for less. Do not let this hassle get the better of you and stay focused. Before you dive into business, here are some things to keep in mind:

Know your estimate

Once you have the thought of buying a new house, sit down and make a list of all the essentials and calculate the estimate. Under no circumstances should you buy a house you can’t afford.


Find an Agent

Hiring an agent can reduce half your work. By telling them about your ideas and budget, they can help you find a suitable house before they even hit the market. Thanks to their access to an MLS!


If you manage to find your dream house, but the location is not suitable, then it’s a bummer. The location and neighbourhood is equally important because you can change your interiors, but you cannot change your neighbourhood.

Floor plan

Have a realistic approach, especially if you’re living alone.

Distance and traffic

Calculate your commute to and fro, and the traffic in the area. If you’re blessed with kids, then definitely you’ll need to think about their school, travel, tuitions and many more.

Staged properties

Staging of the floor, windows, doors can sometimes be done to hide the flaws and corrections. Be aware of such alarms and check the place thoroughly before you make a decision.

Rainy season

During the rainy season or immediately after it rains can be the best time to go house hunting as a customer. You will know sewage problems, leakages and other flaws if any.

Power outlets

Once you like a house, carry a tester to test if all the outlets are working. You don’t want to be spending extra bucks on fixing them.

Home value growth

Massive houses with big lawns and backyard is one thing. But, it is essential to have a check on the home value growth, in case you want to sell it in the future.

Shopping around

You’re going to stay in that place, don’t know how long. So make sure you find essential shops and grocery and medical shops near or in the neighbourhood.


If you’ve fixed your mind on a residence that needs minor changes, do it yourself once you move in. It will cut down extra expenses and also saves time from moving in.

There can be another individual or family that have their eyes on the same plot. So, instead of taking ages to decide, make a quick decision if everything matches your personality.

Don’t get desperate

Although you’re in a hurry to find a new residence and move in, it is easy to give in to temptation. Wait until you find the right place to avoid regretting in the future.


Lighting is as important as the neighbourhood you’re in. If you’re always inside a dark room, after spending those bucks, without having a chance to get some Vitamin d, then there is no point.

Stairs and Lifts

Stairs and Lifts

If you’re considering buying plots in an apartment, make sure it neither too high nor at the extreme bottom. Especially if you have someone in the family that cannot climb the stairs, the working lift is a necessity.

Online research

Do some researches about the cost, land value, floor plan, locality etc. before you dive into the ocean.

Ask questions

Last but not least, ask a lot of questions regarding your concerns to your agent.

Fun Activities

20 Fun Activities To Do At Home

Staying home can be a different kind of experience for different people. Some might be extremely bored, and the others are just lost and can’t find anything to do. Especially during an outbreak of pandemic where people are forced to stay inside, it’s very likely to run out of recreational ideas. Here are some these you can consider doing at home:


Once you set your foot inside the kitchen, you will lose track of time. So, make good use of it and bake something for yourself and your family.

Take out your art supplies

The first thing that comes to your mind when you’re bored is to draw. However bad an artist you are, you’ll at least end up drawing a house, sun and tress. So do it!

Read a book

The thought of reading your favourite book might have crossed your mind at some point in your life. That is the best way to do it than sitting at your balcony over a hot cup of tea.

Read a book

Movie Marathon

Nothing can beat the boredom than having a movie marathon and re-watching your favourite movies.

Open your cookbooks

Try a new recipe that can please your family and friends. Dig into that dusty cookbook or browse the net and prepare something for lunch or dinner.


Get out and get your hands dirty. If you have a backyard with plants, then indulge in some gardening, or if not plant some seeds in a pot and watch it blooms after a couple of days.

Dusting and cleaning

Clean your house and dust all the negative and gloomy thought out. It will give a sense of freshness and relief to the mind.


If the old arrangements for your furniture have bored you, then rearrange the places and indulge in some decoration.

Take up an online course

If you desire to be productive, whilst learn something new, take up your favourite course online and satiate your brain.

Spend time with family

In this fast-moving world, people can hardly make time for loved ones and family. Learn some new hobbies or recollect old memories over a cup of tea or ice cream.

Spend time


Whether it’s already part of your routine or you’re new to it, meditating calms your mind and rejuvenates the soul. So why not try it out!


If you’re not able to head to the gym, then create a personalised workout routine and stick to it.

Themed movie nights

Movie nights are the best when you can decorate your surroundings like movie themes and their characters. It can be a fun activity.

Cooking show

Pretend you’re participating in a cooking show and film your favourite recipe. If the video is good enough, you can upload it on social channels.

Make DIY’s

From earrings to clothes, there are so many DIYs on the net. Make use of it to create something personalised for your loved ones or yourself.


Have a session in your backyard or lawn and go crazy with the makeup and dressing styles.


Have a BBQ

Cooking sizzling food with your family and friends can be noting less of a party.


Create DIY makes and spend some alone time with wine and scented candles. Show some self-love.

Solve a puzzle

If you have a book of puzzles, well and good. Otherwise, you’ll get tons of puzzles and riddles online that you can try out.

Enhance your makeup skills

Want to master the winged liner or the perfect Smokey eyes? Do it!

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