20 Fun Activities To Do At Home

20 Fun Activities To Do At Home

Staying home can be a different kind of experience for different people. Some might be extremely bored, and the others are just lost and can’t find anything to do. Especially during an outbreak of pandemic where people are forced to stay inside, it’s very likely to run out of recreational ideas. Here are some these you can consider doing at home:


Once you set your foot inside the kitchen, you will lose track of time. So, make good use of it and bake something for yourself and your family.

Take out your art supplies

The first thing that comes to your mind when you’re bored is to draw. However bad an artist you are, you’ll at least end up drawing a house, sun and tress. So do it!

Read a book

The thought of reading your favourite book might have crossed your mind at some point in your life. That is the best way to do it than sitting at your balcony over a hot cup of tea.

Read a book

Movie Marathon

Nothing can beat the boredom than having a movie marathon and re-watching your favourite movies.

Open your cookbooks

Try a new recipe that can please your family and friends. Dig into that dusty cookbook or browse the net and prepare something for lunch or dinner.


Get out and get your hands dirty. If you have a backyard with plants, then indulge in some gardening, or if not plant some seeds in a pot and watch it blooms after a couple of days.

Dusting and cleaning

Clean your house and dust all the negative and gloomy thought out. It will give a sense of freshness and relief to the mind.


If the old arrangements for your furniture have bored you, then rearrange the places and indulge in some decoration.

Take up an online course

If you desire to be productive, whilst learn something new, take up your favourite course online and satiate your brain.

Spend time with family

In this fast-moving world, people can hardly make time for loved ones and family. Learn some new hobbies or recollect old memories over a cup of tea or ice cream.

Spend time


Whether it’s already part of your routine or you’re new to it, meditating calms your mind and rejuvenates the soul. So why not try it out!


If you’re not able to head to the gym, then create a personalised workout routine and stick to it.

Themed movie nights

Movie nights are the best when you can decorate your surroundings like movie themes and their characters. It can be a fun activity.

Cooking show

Pretend you’re participating in a cooking show and film your favourite recipe. If the video is good enough, you can upload it on social channels.

Make DIY’s

From earrings to clothes, there are so many DIYs on the net. Make use of it to create something personalised for your loved ones or yourself.


Have a session in your backyard or lawn and go crazy with the makeup and dressing styles.


Have a BBQ

Cooking sizzling food with your family and friends can be noting less of a party.


Create DIY makes and spend some alone time with wine and scented candles. Show some self-love.

Solve a puzzle

If you have a book of puzzles, well and good. Otherwise, you’ll get tons of puzzles and riddles online that you can try out.

Enhance your makeup skills

Want to master the winged liner or the perfect Smokey eyes? Do it!