17 Things You Should Know Before You Go House-Hunting

17 Things You Should Know Before You Go House-Hunting

House hunting is a daunting process, more like trying to find a toilet paper amid a pandemic. Majority of the house hunters consider it an exhausting process and over time, give up the dream residence they’re looking for and settle for less. Do not let this hassle get the better of you and stay focused. Before you dive into business, here are some things to keep in mind:

Know your estimate

Once you have the thought of buying a new house, sit down and make a list of all the essentials and calculate the estimate. Under no circumstances should you buy a house you can’t afford.


Find an Agent

Hiring an agent can reduce half your work. By telling them about your ideas and budget, they can help you find a suitable house before they even hit the market. Thanks to their access to an MLS!


If you manage to find your dream house, but the location is not suitable, then it’s a bummer. The location and neighbourhood is equally important because you can change your interiors, but you cannot change your neighbourhood.

Floor plan

Have a realistic approach, especially if you’re living alone.

Distance and traffic

Calculate your commute to and fro, and the traffic in the area. If you’re blessed with kids, then definitely you’ll need to think about their school, travel, tuitions and many more.

Staged properties

Staging of the floor, windows, doors can sometimes be done to hide the flaws and corrections. Be aware of such alarms and check the place thoroughly before you make a decision.

Rainy season

During the rainy season or immediately after it rains can be the best time to go house hunting as a customer. You will know sewage problems, leakages and other flaws if any.

Power outlets

Once you like a house, carry a tester to test if all the outlets are working. You don’t want to be spending extra bucks on fixing them.

Home value growth

Massive houses with big lawns and backyard is one thing. But, it is essential to have a check on the home value growth, in case you want to sell it in the future.

Shopping around

You’re going to stay in that place, don’t know how long. So make sure you find essential shops and grocery and medical shops near or in the neighbourhood.


If you’ve fixed your mind on a residence that needs minor changes, do it yourself once you move in. It will cut down extra expenses and also saves time from moving in.

There can be another individual or family that have their eyes on the same plot. So, instead of taking ages to decide, make a quick decision if everything matches your personality.

Don’t get desperate

Although you’re in a hurry to find a new residence and move in, it is easy to give in to temptation. Wait until you find the right place to avoid regretting in the future.


Lighting is as important as the neighbourhood you’re in. If you’re always inside a dark room, after spending those bucks, without having a chance to get some Vitamin d, then there is no point.

Stairs and Lifts

Stairs and Lifts

If you’re considering buying plots in an apartment, make sure it neither too high nor at the extreme bottom. Especially if you have someone in the family that cannot climb the stairs, the working lift is a necessity.

Online research

Do some researches about the cost, land value, floor plan, locality etc. before you dive into the ocean.

Ask questions

Last but not least, ask a lot of questions regarding your concerns to your agent.