What To Do After A Car Accident: Queensland, Australia

What To Do After A Car Accident: Queensland, Australia


Accidents can happen anytime. If you find yourself involved in an accident, you may be thinking, “What should I do?” Everyone gets panicked when they find themselves in these situations. But as you may know, there are specific steps that one should follow in the scenario of an accident resulting from a car traveling at high speed like make a CTP (Compulsory Third Party) insurance claim.

What To Do When Someone Crashes To Your Car While Driving In Queensland Australia

1. Stay Calm

If you are driving with your family, never try to make them panic. They will only make things worst. Try to stay calm and assess the situation. Calculate the possible risks that might be or have been your fault. If it is something minor, you may apologize, help the person and ask for assistance for him or her, such as calling the rescue team for help. But if it is something major like a car accident involving personal injury, your primary concern should be just trying to get medical help immediately.

2. Call Emergency or Police and Stay Where You Are

You will not want to be involved in any further accidents. You do not want that to happen as well because in such cases, you will be liable for both the current and future accidents that might be caused by your negligence while driving. If you are fine, just stay put with your car in a safe place while calling the rescue team or emergency number. You may also ask other drivers if they are alright. If it is an accident involving a personal injury, you should get right away to the hospital because of the importance of time.

3. Take a caption of the incident

If you are not too injured and can still move, take a picture of the license plate of the other car and the scene as well. You also have to mention if there is any other possible witness or car that was involved in the incident. Such information will be very useful and will prevent you from being suspected as one who did something wrong on purpose. If there is any traffic camera nearby, try to check it out at once and see if there is any evidence against your claim.

4. Call your insurer and check if any other cars are damaged while doing so

If you want to be safe and on legal ground, call your insurance company immediately. If another car is damaged while calling emergency or police, check if it is insured or not and inform your insurer what has happened. You should also report the accident to the police who will be given the necessary details to investigate. If the accident is a result of negligence, your insurance company will cover any losses made to another person and any damages that have been caused by your negligence. If you are not injured and can still move, call your insurance company immediately.

5. Justify anything that you did wrong as a normal reaction and try to get off with no charges

Justify everything that happened. It is not a way to justify your arrogance or negligence. It is a way to get yourself out of being suspected as the one who caused the accident. If you find yourself guilty, admit it but never try to make things worse than what they are. It will only prove that you are the person who made things bad intentionally and hurt people physically or mentally just for your intention.


Just as long as it is not a serious personal injury, just one call to your insurer will cover you if the accident is because of negligence. You should also take note that this should be your first step, not the last and only one when it comes to the situation of an accident. Even after you have successfully done everything that you need to do, there is still a possibility that charges will be filed against you. This is where you will be defending yourself with your attorney and if you are planning to get one, make sure that person is legal by checking some of the info on this blog.